Realizing the Collective Conscious - Multi-Sector Leadership Development for the Public’s Health

Realizing the Collective Conscious - Multi-Sector Leadership Development for the Public’s Health

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CHLP trains multi-sectoral teams in an applied, team-based, and collaborative leadership development model. Using experiential learning, an applied health leadership project is the primary vehicle for leadership learning. The core curriculum is based on five competencies: Leadership Mastery; Ability to work effectively across sectors; Application of continuous quality improvement principles; Appropriate use of data for planning, assessment, monitoring and evaluation; and Commitment to a population health perspective. The work throughout the year is divided into four phases that each includes leadership themes: 1) inspiration; 2) ideation; 3) implementation and growing; and 4) sustaining and transition[2]. Team development is further enhanced and curriculum customized with a team coach. As fellows begin the program year they begin exploring and are challenged to examine their partners, stakeholders and networks. This theme is resurfaced at each phase of the program to examine the true diversity and voices needed to achieve population health improvement.

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Target Audience
Leaders in healthcare and public health.

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this course, the learner will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate how this innovative leadership program improves leaders' ability to navigate complex environments to achieve collective impact
  2. Discuss an approach to leadership development that demonstrates results of expanded partnerships with multi-sector teams improving population health and advancing health equity
  3. Explain how diverse, interdisciplinary partnerships are moving the community health agenda forward by leveraging their relationships

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1 hr.

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Course Publication Date
October 2013