Developing a template for online evidence based cultural competency education

Developing a template for online evidence based cultural competency education

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Until the publication of Unequal Treatment in 2001, health disparities were attributed to differences in socioeconomic status. Although SES is a contributing factor, the roots of these disparities are broader in scope. There has been strong evidence produced that disparities in health care access, quality and acceptability exist in cultural and racial minority groups despite socioeconomic status. Unfortunately, many providers are not aware of the role that cultural issues play in health disparities. In 2002 the majority of doctors interviewed in a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation believed that disparities in care or treatment of patients were “never” or “rarely” due to language or ethnic factors (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2002). There is also little awareness of the laws regarding language service delivery and provider responsibility. An online cultural competency module was developed that could be adapted for use for continuing professional education credit, a cultural competency elective, or a module for an existing course. The design of this module is based on increasing knowledge about the root of disparities and the legal issues involved. Knowledge, though, is not enough. The module also focuses on examining attitudes and building cultural competency skills so that behavioral changes are more likely to occur.

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Target Audience
Professionals seeking to increase their knowledge about the root of disparities in healthcare access and the legal issues involved.

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this course, the learner will be able to:

  1. Discuss the evidence regarding health disparities and culture.
  2. Know the legal requirements for the delivery of linguistically competent care.
  3. Describe the standards of culturally competent care
  4. Discuss techniques for delivering this information through a computer based format to health care personnel.

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