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<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>01 Crisis Leadership Introduction - Mitroff</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">The Crisis Leadership modules in this program are designed to help you understand the elements of a crisis event, how crises unfold, and understand complex thinking skills required to anticipate and manage a crisis event. The program modules are designed to improve your skills and overall competence t o anticipate and manage crisis events including understanding the key factors to becoming a successful crisis manager and leader.</font><br><a href="/training/courses/01%20Crisis%20Leadership%20Introduction%20-%20Mitroff/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=2"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>02 Crisis Leadership Framework - Mitroff</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">The Crisis Leadership modules in this program are designed to help you understand the elements of a crisis event, how crises unfold, and understand complex thinking skills required to anticipate and manage a crisis event. The program modules are designed to improve your skills and overall competence t o anticipate and manage crisis events including understanding the key factors to becoming a successful crisis manager and leader.</font><br><a href="/training/courses/02%20Crisis%20Leadership%20Framework%20-%20Mitroff/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=3"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>03 Crisis Leadership Patterns - Mitroff</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">The Crisis Leadership modules in this program are designed to help you understand the elements of a crisis event, how crises unfold, and understand complex thinking skills required to anticipate and manage a crisis event. The program modules are designed to improve your skills and overall competence t o anticipate and manage crisis events including understanding the key factors to becoming a successful crisis manager and leader.</font><br><a href="/training/courses/03%20Crisis%20Leadership%20Patterns%20-%20Mitroff/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=4"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>04 Crisis Leadership - Influence of Personality Factors - Mitroff</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">The Crisis Leadership modules in this program are designed to help you understand the elements of a crisis event, how crises unfold, and understand complex thinking skills required to anticipate and manage a crisis event. The program modules are designed to improve your skills and overall competence t o anticipate and manage crisis events including understanding the key factors to becoming a successful crisis manager and leader.</font><br><a href="/training/courses/04%20Crisis%20Leadership%20-%20Influence%20of%20Personality%20Factors%20-%20Mitroff/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=5"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>05 Crisis Leadership Conclusion - Mitroff</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">The Crisis Leadership modules in this program are designed to help you understand the elements of a crisis event, how crises unfold, and understand complex thinking skills required to anticipate and manage a crisis event. The program modules are designed to improve your skills and overall competence t o anticipate and manage crisis events including understanding the key factors to becoming a successful crisis manager and leader.</font><br><a href="/training/courses/05%20Crisis%20Leadership%20Conclusion%20-%20Mitroff/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=6"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>8 Steps to Building and Sustaining Effective Coalitions</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">Have you ever tried to convince your health director, mayor, school board, minister, or business owner to support your community coalition? It’s not always easy, especially if he or she is not convinced that working in partnership is the best approach. This presentation will help you define coalitions, learn when and how to use them, and provide eight steps for building effective coalitions that promote health, a healthy environment, and prevent disease. By focusing on these steps, your coalition will be poised to reach its goals and sustain itself for the long haul. **NOTE – This course was originally delivered as a satellite broadcast.</font><br><a href="/training/courses/8%20Steps%20to%20Building%20and%20Sustaining%20Effective%20Coalitions/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=7"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>Advanced Leadership and Practice</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">Dramatic change will occur in public health and health care in the next decade. This course provides public health practitioners and other health care providers with the leadership skills necessary to work effectively in the change environment at a community, state or regional level. These leadership skills are essential for designing and advocating for programs and policies necessary to promote health.</font><br><a href="/training/courses/Advanced%20Leadership%20and%20Practice/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=8"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>Advanced Leadership Practice - Part II</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">Dramatic change will occur in public health and health care in the next decade. This course provides public health practitioners and other health care providers with the leadership skills necessary to work effectively in the change environment at a community, state or regional level. These leadership skills are essential for designing and advocating for programs and policies necessary to promote health.</font><br><a href="/training/courses/Advanced%20Leadership%20and%20Practice%20-%20Part%20II/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=9"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>Building and Maintaining a Collaborative Culture</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">Collaboration is essential to public health professionals in order to carry out their daily job duties successfully and enhance the health outcomes of the population which they serve. This course covers why collaboration is important, how to build a collaborative culture, and barriers to effective collaboration. This course provides two interactive case studies which offer the audience an opportunity to increase their awareness of collaboration and gain some hands-on experience in dealing with real world collaboration challenges.</font><br><a href="/training/courses/Building%20and%20Maintaining%20a%20Collaborative%20Culture%20/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=11"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>Business Continuity During a Flu Pandemic</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">This presentation by Emily Eidner, MPH-candidate and David Bergmire-Sweat, MPH, gives you an overview of continuity of operations during an influenza pandemic, focusing specifically on business continuity and public health concerns.</font><br><a href="/training/courses/Business%20Continuity%20During%20a%20Flu%20Pandemic%20/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=13"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>Creating a Context for Change: Leading through Organizational Development</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">This web-based course will focus on leadership effectiveness particularly in terms of facilitating innovation and change within an organization and achieving an organizational context that is conducive to continuous improvement and a never-ending commitment to excellence. As effective leaders, we strive to create a shared vision of the future and then mobilize people, processes, and resources to achieve that vision. Effective leaders treat innovation and change as a continuous process, not as a single event or series of staccato or stop-and-go actions. By establishing and maintaining a continuous forward momentum, leaders can engage others in working together to be adaptable and flexible in their ongoing pursuit of their shared vision.</font><br><a href="/training/courses/Creating%20a%20Context%20for%20Change%3A%20Leading%20through%20Organizational%20Development/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=17"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>Developing Next Generation Leaders: Challenges & Promise</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">This interactive webinar will discuss the results of a survey of current organizational leaders conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership. The survey focused on what respondents see as competencies needed for young people entering the workforce today compared to both 20 years ago and 10 years from now. Current leaders were also asked to describe what excites them in the young people they work with and what concerns them, as well as when they would like to see leadership development begin and how it should happen for upcoming generations of youth. We will also discuss the challenges faced by the field of youth leadership development and will poll attendees on their thoughts and reactions.</font><br><a href="/training/courses/Developing%20Next%20Generation%20Leaders%3A%20Challenges%20%26%20Promise/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=22"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>Disaster in Franklin County: A Public Health Simulation</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">In this simulation, the learner will assume the perspective of various public health professionals responding to a natural disaster. They will make decisions on behalf of a county public health director, a public health nurse, an environmental health specialist, and other public health professionals. By approaching the emerging public health issues from these perspectives, the players gain a deeper understanding of the issues at hand, the decisions that colleagues in other disciplines face, and how those decisions impact his or her area of expertise.</font><br><a href="/training/courses/Disaster%20in%20Franklin%20County%3A%20A%20Public%20Health%20Simulation/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=24"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>Emotional Intelligence a Powerful Tool for Effective Management</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">Emotional Intelligence (EI) abilities have been shown to be a vital component of individual and organizational success. For a manager, developing and refining EI skills should be a top priority. This Webcast examines ways that EI functions in a participant’s everyday life and offers advice on applying the principles of EI on the job. During the program, participants will gain an understanding of the importance of maximizing EI in order to improve the ability to reach potential. Plus, discover a number of simple, easy-to-use tools for increasing one’s EI that will take only a few minutes every day to practice.</font><br><a href="/training/courses/Emotional%20Intelligence%20a%20Powerful%20Tool%20for%20Effective%20Management/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=27"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>Exploring Distance in Leader-Follower Relationships</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">Leaders face new challenges as they cope with changes in culture, technology, and the workplace. This webinar examines the impact of distance—physical, interpersonal, and social—on our organizations, our governments, and our societies. It is now quite possible to develop followers and influence others halfway around the world, while it remains equally likely that the follower in the next cubicle may be oblivious to a leader's sphere of influence. Based on our recent book on the same topic, we will review some initial ideas about how distance is altering the study and practice of leadership. The webinar will address new research and theory that explores when and how leadership is transformed through space and time, and in what ways the notion of "distance" creates continuously evolving meanings for the leader-follower relationship.</font><br><a href="/training/courses/Exploring%20Distance%20in%20Leader-Follower%20Relationships/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=29"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>First Relationships, Then Results: A New Paradigm for Leadership Development</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">This webinar explores the idea that leaders can be rejuvenated and inspired and great collaborations sparked by the same thing – social capital. · After years of leading social-sector organizations in an environment where competition is more the norm than collaboration, many gifted leaders are near burnout, unable to maximize their individual or collective gifts. Since 2005, the Barr Fellowship has been changing that in Boston – through an investment in personal growth and connections among social change leaders. Recently profiled in the Foundation Review (and before that, in a Stanford Social Innovation Review Case study in May, 2012), the Barr Fellowship is proving to be a powerful force for transformation of individual leaders, their organizations, and their city.</font><br><a href="/training/courses/First%20Relationships%2C%20Then%20Results%3A%20A%20New%20Paradigm%20for%20Leadership%20Development/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=30"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>How Emotional Intelligence Drives Effective Leadership</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">This webcast gives you a comprehensive overview of how emotional intelligence drives effective leadership. It explains, in a concise way, the brain-basis of leading yourself and others. The emphasis is on information that can be applied by any leader at any level. Distinct leadership styles will be discussed, along with their effects on the climate of a business. You will learn how to develop and implement emotional intelligence competencies in yourself and others, and how to manage emotions for optimal performance.</font><br><a href="/training/courses/How%20Emotional%20Intelligence%20Drives%20Effective%20Leadership/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=32"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>Kill the Company: End the Status Quo, Start an Innovation Revolution</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">This powerful webcast sheds light on how even category-dominating behemoths can succumb to the twin evils of complexity and complacency. Progress doesn’t come from standing still. It’s time to Kill the Company… before someone else does. Participants will learn how to constantly reexamine their own businesses to keep innovation, and long-term success, on-track. Instead of adding more complexity through expensive, sweeping culture change initiatives, Bodell shares how teams can actually simplify to achieve more. Leaders will learn why providing guardrails instead of handcuffs to their teams can reignite critical aptitudes (curiosity, inquiry, creative problem solving) and more. Rethink business as usual to reimagine the organization.</font><br><a href="/training/courses/Kill%20the%20Company%3A%20End%20the%20Status%20Quo%2C%20Start%20an%20Innovation%20Revolution/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=33"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>Leadership Management Communication</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">No matter how effective a leader/manager you already are, this course is designed to refresh and refine the skills needed to lead your teams to success in today’s fast-paced and stressful health care environment. By exploring effective leadership styles and strategies, this course provides specific tools to enhance leadership/management communication.</font><br><a href="/training/courses/Leadership%20Management%20Communication%20/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=34"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>Leadership Tips During a Health IT Implementation</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">This webinar focuses on the importance of leadership in successfully steering an organization through a health IT implementation. It features established leaders who have conducted more than 70 health IT implementations in health centers, rural health clinics, and critical access hospitals. The presenters will also focus on how leadership is important in helping staff, clinicians, patients, a safety net providers’ board, and partners adjust to and overcome the barriers that typically accompany a health IT implementation and impede success. Lastly, the presenters will provide leadership examples of unique health IT implementation situations such as meeting meaningful use objectives, changing vendors, and implementing health IT in multiple provider sites.</font><br><a href="/training/courses/Leadership%20Tips%20During%20a%20Health%20IT%20Implementation/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=35"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>Leadership, Race, and White Privilege</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">LLC hosted a webinar on Leadership, Race and White Privilege with Sally Leiderman, President of CAPD. Sally has been a long-time member of LLC and an active participant in the Evaluation Circle. She received an LLC seed grant to support her work to disseminate share and disseminate a curriculum on white privilege that can be adapted and used in leadership development programs. During the webinar Sally presented findings from a survey of 123 leadership development funders, practitioners, and evaluators. With one program in mind, each survey respondent had answered questions about how their program addressed issues of diversity, structural racism, and white privilege.</font><br><a href="/training/courses/Leadership%2C%20Race%2C%20and%20White%20Privilege%20/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=36"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>Leadership, Strategic Planning and Systems Approaches</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">This course encourages participants to think strategically about the types of decisions made in public health organizations, and provides students with strategic analysis and planning skills.</font><br><a href="/training/courses/Leadership%2C%20Strategic%20Planning%20and%20Systems%20Approaches%20/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=37"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>Leading from the Inside Out</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">Leadership is the ability to align and inspire others towards common goals. The most effective social change leaders possess a clear sense of purpose, and an awareness of their strengths and learning edges as individuals, which leads them to build strong partnerships. Join this webinar to learn more about Rockwood Leadership Institute's approach to foster transformative leadership for a just, equitable, and sustainable world through encouraging leaders to "lead from the inside out."</font><br><a href="/training/courses/Leading%20from%20the%20Inside%20Out%20/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=38"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>Management Development Skills for the Accidental Trainer</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">This webcast delivers a wealth of practical, no-nonsense advice that will help the participant understand what works and what doesn't in a variety of training situations. One will discover the basics of producing training programs, where best to apply limited time and resources, and simple ways to measure the effectiveness of efforts.</font><br><a href="/training/courses/Management%20Development%20Skills%20for%20the%20Accidental%20Trainer/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=39"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>Promoting Equity in Healthcare: Evaluating the Impact of the Disparities Leadership Program</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">The Disparities Leadership Program (DLP) is a one year executive leadership program designed to equip a cadre of leaders in healthcare with in-depth knowledge in the field of disparities, cutting-edge quality improvement strategies for identifying and addressing disparities, and leadership skills to facilitate the organizational transformation necessary to advance health care equity. With support from The Aetna Foundation, The Leadership Learning Community (LLC) conducted an external evaluation of the DLP and the program's impact on participating organizations’ efforts to address health inequities. In this webinar, Dr. Joseph Betancourt, Director of the Disparities Solutions Center, Dr. Roderick King, Senior Faculty at the Disparities Solutions Center, and Dr. Claire Reinelt, founding member and former Research and Evaluation Director of LLC, will provide an overview of the DLP, present the findings of the evaluation and discuss lessons learned for the development and implementation of successful executive leadership programs focused on organizational transformation.</font><br><a href="/training/courses/Promoting%20Equity%20in%20Healthcare%3A%20Evaluating%20the%20Impact%20of%20the%20Disparities%20Leadership%20Program/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=47"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>Psychological Resiliency - Building Personal Resilience and Self-Reliance</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">Once the survival needs of people impacted by a disaster are stable, the important work of rebuilding the collective social network and individual lives in the community can begin. Disaster and Crisis Intervention (DCI) Facilitation processes use proven professional group facilitation skills and processes to equip individuals in the affected communities with tools that help in their psycho-social reconstruction. This online course will enable participants to work with individuals, other professionals, organizations, communities, or agencies who have experienced a crisis or who have responsibilities in crisis recovery now and in the future.</font><br><a href="/training/courses/Psychological%20Resiliency%20-%20Building%20Personal%20Resilience%20and%20Self-Reliance%20/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=48"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>Public Health Preparedness and Leadership 2013</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">Events like 9/11, healthcare reform, and severe budget deficits have drastically transformed the business of public health and fueled the demand for more leadership skills to address these changes. Join us for a special Northwest Public Health Leadership Institute webinar with Louis Rowitz, PhD, who will explore the principles of leadership, especially in relationship to preparedness, and how they can be applied in the public health setting. Dr. Rowitz will discuss the latest edition of his classic book, Public Health Leadership: Putting Principles Into Practice, which features extensive coverage of the leadership skills and tools needed to manage public health emergencies. It also offers a closer look at building infrastructure, using accreditation standards, and developing global public health leaders. The moderator, Ray M. (Bud) Nicola, MD, MHSA, FACPM, will also provide additional insights for those interested in applying for the Northwest Public Health Leadership Institute.</font><br><a href="/training/courses/Public%20Health%20Preparedness%20and%20Leadership%202013%20/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=49"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>Raising Up the Next Generation of Public Sector Leaders</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">Hear from two alumni of On The Move’s leadership development program, about the organization’s innovative model to support emerging leaders within schools, public institutions, non-profit organizations and the health field. The webinar provides key principles, practices and strategies of implementation. Specifically, we explore the model’s approach of bringing together multi-generational communities of emerging and veteran leaders, who learn together to remove the barriers that prevent our collective success.</font><br><a href="/training/courses/Raising%20Up%20the%20Next%20Generation%20of%20Public%20Sector%20Leaders/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=50"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>Real Influence: Persuade Without Pushing and Gain Without Giving In</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">In this post-pushing, post-selling world, influence can no longer be viewed as something to get from someone. People today are more aware than ever before about self-serving tricks and tactics being used on them.</font><br><a href="/training/courses/Real%20Influence%3A%20Persuade%20Without%20Pushing%20and%20Gain%20Without%20Giving%20In/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=51"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>Realizing the Collective Conscious - Multi-Sector Leadership Development for the Public’s Health</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">Today's context for health leadership is complex, rapidly evolving, and calls for new approaches to the development of leaders for today and the future. “We need to train our leaders to be more collaborative, to be more inclusive, and to have greater integrity. It’s a whole different set of practices[1].” The Center for Health Leadership and Practice (CHLP) has an innovative approach to leadership development that brings together teams of leaders from multiple sectors that want to advance their leadership skills and achieve health equity in their community. CHLP trains multi-sectoral teams in an applied, team-based, and collaborative leadership development model. Using experiential learning, an applied health leadership project is the primary vehicle for leadership learning. The core curriculum is based on five competencies: Leadership Mastery; Ability to work effectively across sectors; Application of continuous quality improvement principles; Appropriate use of data for planning, assessment, monitoring and evaluation; and Commitment to a population health perspective. The work throughout the year is divided into four phases that each includes leadership themes: 1) inspiration; 2) ideation; 3) implementation and growing; and 4) sustaining and transition[2]. Team development is further enhanced and curriculum customized with a team coach. As fellows begin the program year they begin exploring and are challenged to examine their partners, stakeholders and networks. This theme is resurfaced at each phase of the program to examine the true diversity and voices needed to achieve population health improvement.</font><br><a href="/training/courses/Realizing%20the%20Collective%20Conscious%20-%20Multi-Sector%20Leadership%20Development%20for%20the%20Public%E2%80%99s%20Health/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=52"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>The Neuroscience of Employee Engagement</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">Many studies show a link between high engagement and organizational success, yet until now the understanding of the science of engagement has mostly focused on outcome studies, not on the underlying mechanisms involved. This session provides fresh insights into understanding what engagement is, how to measure it and most important, how to increase it. Drawing from the latest findings in neuroscience, a series of questions will be explored.</font><br><a href="/training/courses/The%20Neuroscience%20of%20Employee%20Engagement/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=61"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>Transforming Power and Privilege: A 21st Century Leadership Competency</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">This webinar examines how power and privilege manifest in leaders working in the social sector and in community, and the necessary competencies for actualizing power toward community well-being and liberation. In addition, we explore what is required for leadership development program providers to effectively surface issues of power and privilege in their program delivery. Toward these objectives, what are the necessary competencies? What are the conditions necessary to develop these competencies in the context of leadership development programming?</font><br><a href="/training/courses/Transforming%20Power%20and%20Privilege%3A%20A%2021st%20Century%20Leadership%20Competency/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=63"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>Transition from Management to Leadership</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">This course is intended to give the participant an overview of the characteristics and skill sets for both managers and leaders. It is intended to help the participants reflect on their own career and how they view themselves and to reflect on where they are in their professional development. It is meant to broaden the view of what both managers and leaders do and how they think.</font><br><a href="/training/courses/Transition%20from%20Management%20to%20Leadership%20/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=64"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>
<p><font size='5' color="#000000"><b>Unleashing Growth Leaders in your Organization</b></font><br><font size="3"><b>Description</b></font><br><font size="2">This Webcast will first share highlights from unique research that revealed a rare breed of growth leaders driving significant organic revenue growth—not at high-tech start-ups—but inside some of world’s largest and best established companies. The participant will then learn exactly what these growth catalysts do to ignite organic growth and build high-performing growth organizations. The core of this session will be a close review of the seven formulas growth catalysts use to reframe value propositions for customers: Diving Deep; Swimming for the Surface; Swimming Sideways; Bundling; Finding White Space; Networking; and Starbucking.</font><br><a href="/training/courses/Unleashing%20Growth%20Leaders%20in%20your%20Organization/detail" target=_blank"><font size="3">More Details</font></a> | <a href="https://leaderslearn.heartland-lms.com/learn/course/view.php?id=65"><font size="3">Launch</font></a></p>